Reading Tango Club  is run by a group of people who are passionate about authentic Argentine Tango and who have been inspired by the wonderful teachers who have helped us on our Tango journey. We were lucky to have started our tango experience with great Argentinian teachers who have given us a deeper understanding of tango that goes beyond simply a dance. We hope the club classes and milongas will help inspire in others a passion for true Tango Argentino and to help create a vibrant centre for learning and dancing Argentine Tango in Reading. True Tango is something that captures a bit of your soul! There's no final destination, the pleasure (and sometimes the pain) is what you find on the way! You can read more about the history of tango here.

What We Do

The Club organises Tango classes and workshops with teachers who we believe can help us to develop our skills and awareness of how to dance within the traditions, both old and new, of Argentina. These have ranged from pioneers of Tango such as Carlos & Maria Rivarola and Los Ocampo to some of the new stars of salon tango like Ines Muzzopappa & Dante Sanchez and Mariangles Camano & Bruno Tombari.

Our milongas continue the tradition of milongas in Buenos Aires, in the music we play and the atmosphere we re-create.

We run the club on a not-for-profit basis. Any profit after expenses is invested in teachers and events that add to a great tango experience here in Reading.

The core team with Los Ocampo at a recent club workshop