Argentine Tango – Ignite the Passion!

Intimate, passionate, sensual, a conversation without words; how do you describe the magic of dancing Tango as it’s danced in Buenos Aires? And how long does it take before you experience the state of bliss and complete addiction?

Lots of people have done a great job in describing Tango, so rather than re-inventing the wheel, here are links to some of our favourite sites about Tango.

Dancing Salon Style Argentine Tango – a lovely description from h2g2 that gives an excellent low down on Argentine Tango and what it takes to dance.
A History of Tango. A colourful description from one of our favourite sites.

Tango Central - Milongas & Classes around the UK

Todo Tango - Everything Tango, stories, artists, music, community, including a daily music selection.A

La Porteña Tango - News, views and articles about Tango from Buenos Aires

Porteña - Not really tango but for an authentic taste of Buenos Aires. here's the place to buy Argentinian food in London & online - from alfajores to empanadas & Yerba Mate.

And here are some tango videos that we love.