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We’re thrilled to announce Journey Latin America as headline sponsors for this year’s Festival. An especially appropriate link up because Reading Tango Club really owes its existence to Journey Latin America. It was on a holiday arranged by Journey Latin America in 2007 that I discovered tango and a little milonga in Bariloche that was the inspiration for Reading Tango Club. 

‚ÄčIt’s now 10 years since that introduction and we have a thriving tango community in Reading that keeps growing, all thanks to that extraordinary adventure with Journey Latin America – and a dose single minded passion!

If you don’t know Journey Latin America do look at their website. They are as passionate about Latin America as we are about Tango. They offer a big range of wonderful opportunities to explore the delights of South America (not just Buenos Aires). I can highly recommend them; as a single female traveller, they helped me put together the most amazing holiday, one I’ll never forget – Buenos Aires, Patagonia, Iguazu & Peru (Lima, Cusco, Sacred Valley and Machu Pichu) - and helped me discover the joy of Argentine Tango.

Can't wait to go back! 


Set your Tango Spirit Free

I came across a piece by the great maestro El Flaco Dany where he talks about the internal things that make the biggest difference to tango - how you feel, how you express yourself in the dance.  Perhaps the key is that we need to just allow ourselves to be "in the moment" of the dance, no thought, just feel the music & our partner. 


“Take your time. Tango is too precious not to enjoy the learning.
First learn the technique, then forget about it. The body will have it, but it’s only your spirit which makes the tango. As my friend Gavito used to say “ lo limpio no sirve. Hay que ensuciarlo,(…) tu personalidad tiene que dictar el baile, eso es que le falta al europeo ” – the clean, correct is no good, you have to get it dirty, let your own personality design the dance, this is what Europeans miss.
Posture, technique can be taught, even something of music, but subtlety and improvisation are inside you or not, you must be born with them.

It’s good that so many people now started to dance tango, but look also at what they dance. They dance moves, instead of feeling (‘bailan movimiento, y no sentimiento’), they look at the floor, they don’t care about the woman in their arms. Many look like clones. This is sad to me, I learned that tango is respect, maybe I’m old fashioned, but then why so many young people come to my classes?
Nothing is really new, all had been invented already, if you watch Todaro dancing in 1953 you see that I am right.
Tango is about subtlety. I am afraid you have it or not – it says so much about you, the way one embraces the woman, the way you make pauses.
Tango happens step by step literally, the less you do, more tango it is.” (Flaco Dany)

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