Tango Shoes

Choosing the right shoes for dancing Tangos is important. Your shoes help protect your feet and make dancing easier; they should be comfortable and allow you to pivot freely on the dance floor. For classes you can buy special practice shoes or use ballet slippers or jazz shoes. When it comes to the milongas, shoe heaven awaits with a wide choice of beautiful shoes in myriad colours and different heel heights.

A few guidelines for choosing shoes:
• Make sure that your feet are not swollen at the time you are trying them.
• Make sure that the shoes feel balanced
• Followers: test your Tango shoes by walking backwards! That's how you’ll be using them.
• Try pivoting – does the shoe support you and allow you to pivot smoothly.
• Think about the height of the heel; beginners may want to start with a lower heel
• Shoes should be close fitting but not tight – your feet should not slide inside the shoe.
• The sole should be made of material that allows you to pivot smoothly.

We’re lucky in having a number of local suppliers of excellent Tango dance shoes. We’ve listed a few here with links to their websites. They often bring a selection of shoes to milongas in Reading where you can try the shoes and make sure you have the right fit.

Pasos Apasionados - stockists of Werner Kern Tango dance shoes
Zapatango - handmade shoes, made to order made shoes
Balanceo- elegant & sexy Italian made shoes
Dancia Reading - good choice of practice shoes
VidaDance - modern, stylish dance shoes for men