Ines Muzzopappa began learning tango in a natural and spontaneous way at the age of 14 in the renowned Sunderland Club of Villa Urquiza. Ines also studied classic dance, singing and music; elements that gave her a good artistic foundation and a deep understanding of the dance.

Dante Sanchez started dancing at the age of 7 with Argentine folkloric dances and at the age of 10 started taking tango classes. He moved to Buenos Aires at 17 started learning with some of the great tango maestros, including Carlos and Rosa Perez.

Ines & Dante started dancing together in 2006 and in 2007 won the World Tango salon Championships.

Ines continued to develop as a teacher, working in different national and international festivals and in the most recognized Tango schools in Argentina In 2008 she was member of the group of young tangueros who founded & directed the Estudio Postango.

Ines & Dante have been teaching and dancing together in Buenos Aires and Europe. They have a natural beauty of their movements together making them a pleasure to watch.