About Maria A Solero

Maria has been brought up with traditional Tango and used this to develop a personal style that has contemporary elements but remains true to the fundamentals of traditional Salon Tango.

From an early age Maria trained in traditional Tango working with some of the great milongueros and tango Salon dancers in both her home city, Rosario, and then Buenos Aires ( Orlando Paiva, Marisa Talamoni & Ricardo calvo, Yanina Messina, Tete & Silvia, “La Negra Gonzles”, Osvaldo Zotto & Lorena Hermosida, Geraldine Rojas & Javier Rodriguez, Julio Balmaceda y Corina de la Ros, amongst others).This has given her a strong foundation on which to fuse her own personal style based on years of study and personal research which has taken her towards more contemporary or “nuevo” styles of Tango. Maria has studied with some of the most creative teachers in these areas. Gustavo Naveira, Mariano “Chicho” Frumboli, Lucia Mazer, Luciana Valle, Mauricio Castro, Carla Marano, Pablo Inza, Moira Castellano).

She started her professional dancing career in Rosario and Buenos Aires and participated in several shows with some of the most recognised tango orchestras and musicians (“El Arranque”, Esteban Morgado with “Patio de tango”, Juanjo Dominguez, “Rositango Trío”, “Los Tauras”, and others). She was also part of some small dance-theatre companies: “Lo que vendrá”, “Intertango” and “Poca Cosa”.

With over 12 years of ongoing teaching experience, Maria teaches the pilars of Tango and gives her students the tools to build a firm base for expansion, inspiring them towards a respectful and playful relationship with their bodies, music and partners.



• Hired to perform and teach in San Francisco and Minneapolis.
• Toured across several European cities (London, Ohuous, Berlín, Leipzig, Nime).
• Invited to perform and teach at the Toulouse international tango festival “Reencontres du Sud”.
• Signed a contract to work for two renowned Argentine tango associations in Portugal: “Escuela Argentina de Tango” from Lisboa and “Clube de Tango do Porto”.


• Continued working with both associations.
• Invited as Artistic Director of the successful "Primeiro Festival Internacional de Tango do Porto".
• Started her own tango school "Rita, la Salvaje"

2003 – 2004

• Taught at the Instituto Politécnico “E.S.M.A.E” do Porto (scola de teatro e musica) and at Aveiro University, also leading several workshops across the country.
• “Rita, La Salvaje” became a popular place to learn and dance Argentine Tango and contributed to the formation of young contemporary tango dancers.

2005 – 2008

• Returned to Buenos Aires and worked for popular tango schools, such as “Escuela Argentina de Tango”, “Tango Brujo”, “Made in Tango” and others.
• Travelled for workshops and performances across Argentina, to cities like Rosario, Ushuaia and Córdoba, as well as to European countries such as Portugal, Italy and Spain.

2008 - 2010

• Moved to London, where in the past few years she has been regularly giving group and private classes.
• Hired to give workshops and private lessons all over Great Britain and Europe.

• Performed in many productions, such as “Tango –Tango” (Piazzolla’s life by Justin Person), “Strictly Come Dancing” on the BBC, “Transtango” at the British Library, “River Tango Festival” 2010, “Tango Movement”.

• Cooperated as tango choreographer with “Cote a Cote Theatre Company” in “The Sicilian”, which was presented at “The Place” for Resolution 2011 in January.
• Performed in an exclusive presentation commissioned by Jasper Conrad with a very renowned Argentinean pianist.
• Founded “Tango Etnia”, Argentinean School of Tango & Folklore, in Primrose Hill, London.
Hired to film documentary and artistic videos including one,with the brilliant violinist Nicola Benedetti “Por una Cabeza”.
Continues directing Tango Etnia”, with lot of projects to come!