Ricardo Delgado

Tango maestro Ricardo Delgado was the inspiration for Reading Tango Club. A professional tango dancer, teacher and choreographer, Ricardo is recognised for his unique pedagogical approach to teaching and his passion to share his gift for tango.

Ricardo founded TangoAr Academy of Tango in San Telmo, the Tango heart of Buenos Aires and TangoAr Dance Academy in London. where he is resident maestro.

Ricardo’s formal tango education started in early childhood at the Escuela Nacional Don Luis Jose de Chorroarin  in Rosario, where he learnt tango & folkloric dance. Living in a community with dance at its heart  - carnivals, birthday celebrations, festivals were held in the cobbled streets and entire blocks of people would come together to celebrate and dance -  this was the real school, the place where discovery of  the true essence of tango really started.

Ricardo went on to train with some of the great Tango Maestros in Buenos Aires, including the legendary “Chique", Daniela Arcuri and  Armando Orzuza, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne as well as Eduardo Cappussi and Mariana Flores.

Ricardo has directed and danced in a number of show including Cuatro Estilos al 2 x 4 and De Gardel a Piazzolla wich recently premiered to great aclaim in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Ricardo currently teaches in London, Buenos Aires, Cuba and across Europe.