Sebastian took  his first tango-steps at the age of 12 in his hometown San Salvador de Jujuy in northern Argentina and for the next 5 years continued to learn the secrets of Tango in different schools and academies in the province of Jujuy.

During the same period he complemented his artistic career with classes of ballet and contemporary dance while studying classical piano in the music-academy for eight years. Soon Sebastian started giving classes and workshops in state Tango-Schools and Academies and during 3 years he managed his own Dance School in San Salvador de Jujuy and produced and directed a dozen dance shows in the Mitre Theatre in the same city. As a final artistic and cultural project before leaving the province he developed tango- and physical-expression workshops for schools of the province and for groups of young people with disabilities.

At the age of 19 Sebastian began studying Contemporary dance in the National University of Tucuman for 2 years, where he met one of his most important teachers of Tango Salon, Marcelo Altamiranda, who would become one of his most important sources of his love and respect for the traditional tango.

Shortly after Sebastian decided to travel to the birthplace of Tango, Buenos Aires where he dedicated his first years to the milongas, getting to know the tango scene, the secrets, tips and codes of the milonga. In addition to the social dancing he studied tango with teachers such as Osvaldo and Coca and Jorge Garcia. 

He soon started performing in many of the most popular milongas of Buenos Aires such as: El Beso, Porteño y Bailarin, Salon Canning, La Baldoza, Sunderland. In 2012 he began working in several Tango shows; in the Sheraton Hotel, Puerto Madero, Moon Festival in Chinatown, Bar Sur Tango, Anibal Troilo 's house, Todo Mundo. He is currently to be found as the first dancer in the iconic Cafe Tortoni.

To keep developing his understanding of the dance he started taking classes with Roberto Herrera, Diego Amorin and Cecilia Capello, Diego Ortega and Aldana Sylveyra.
He toured US, Chile and Asia where he participated in X-Posed Festival next to dancers such as Milena Plebs and other guest artists. During this tour he also gave several seminars in the Phillipines, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Taiwan.

In the beginning of 2013 Sebastian created a cycle of classes in school Tango Salon “la Esquina” to Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega.

In May 2013 he opened a small Tango studio in BA, where he continues to give regular classes