Learning to Dance ArgentineTango at Reading Tango Club

We aim to provide the best possible experience of learning authentic Argentine Tango and to help all our students enjoy the art and culture that surrounds this beautiful dance. We only use professionally trained Argentinian Tango teachers who have studied the dance from its roots and whose teaching focuses on technique, dance structure and musically. All our teachers work to a structured programme to ensure consitency of learning.They all share our enthusiasm and passion for tango.

Our Wednesday class teachers usually teach in blocks of 4 - 6 weeks. Over the summer also run master classes with visiting top teachers. We also run workshops with visiting expert teachers to give you the opportunity to work with dancers and teachers at the top of their field

We hope you'll enjoy dancing with us!

Our Tango Class Teachers

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Jose Manrique & Natalia Pombo  Pablo nievas & Valeria Zunino   Mariano Laplume   Maria A Solero  Miriam Orcutt & Dante Culcuy  

Cristian & Nayla      Alejandro hermida    Sebastian Pereyra   Leo & Tracey  Girado Escobar & Miriam "Mina" Ojeda-Patino

Facundo Menendez


We've been lucky to have some of the most respected and well known tango couples from Buenos Aires teaching our workshops; from the established masters like Carlos & Maria Rivarola and Los Ocampo, to the new generation of tango masters such as Arianda Naveira & Fernando Sanchez,  Bruno Tombari & Roberto Leiva & Maricel Gomez.

      Cecilia Capello & Diego Amorin


Leo "el Pipe" pankow and Josefina Stellato  Roberto Leiva & maricel Gomez  Bruno Tombari & Mariangles Camaņo

Monica Romero & Omar Ocampo "Los Ocampo"             Ricardo Delgado & Solange Galveo