Ariadna Naveira is the daughter of the legendary Gustavo Naveira and Olga Besio  and has been dancing tango since childhood. She danced with her brother Federico Naviera, for 15 years and graduated from the National School of Dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as a teacher of Dance in 2008. Ariana has performed at the most prestigious Milongas and Theatres in Buenos Aires and taught at Tango Festivals around the World.

Fernando Sanchez started with Tango organically as part of life. His first teacher, Alfredo Maldonado, gave him the opportunity to work in the theatres, milongas and clubs in Buenos Aires, and he has also taught at Tango Festivals around the world.

Fernando and Ariadna started dancing together in early 2009. They have a unique style combining elegance, great musicality and creative interpretations, Ariadna and Fernando have achieved wide recognition by developing a dance base on a deep perception of the dance partner, making of the dialogue between the couple a dominant theme of the tango dance. Fernando & Ariadna have created a tango style that fuses modern concepts of tango with its core traditional essence - the fundamental tools of tango and the feel of the embrace. They are highly regarded for their teaching methods as well as for their dance and their great love for tango.



Cecilia Capello and Diego Amorin are one of the most playful and expressive couples of the contemporary tango scene. They have explored the potential of tango from distinct angles developing an extremely versatile & visual style that combines elements of theatre with dance whilst retaining the foundations of the legendary "milongueros" from whom they learnt the art & essence of Argentine tango. Their dancing is impassioned, expressive with innate longing and love for the dance!

Cecilia & Diego have performed at the Theatre of the Kremlin in Moscow and the Beittedine Palace in Lebanon; they have also performed with Hubbard Street Dance Chicago and the National Dance Company of Mexico.
The have also participated both as teachers and performers at  the GREC Festival, the Aspen Dance Festival, the Zhangjiajie International Music Festival and Festival Beittedine, and CITA 2010 Buenos Aires Tango Festival 2010 in Rome,  Malevaje Tango Festival(Denmark).
 They also performed at the reprise anniversary edition of Tango Argentino, under the direction of Claudio Segovia.