Bruno Tombari - Mariangeles Caamaño are one of the most natural and organic tango couples in Tango today. They have taught and performed extensively around the world and their workshops are always in high demand. Their style is rooted firmly in traditional Tango but they use this base to develop and grow.

Working with improvisation as starting point, they play, taking inspiration from the music and the emotion of the moment.

Bruno & Mariangeles teach in many well-known Tango schools in Bs.As.,including Tango Brujo, La Viruta, El Motivo (Villa Malcolm), Mariposita, Dandi, Practica X, Orsay, etc.

They were the coaches of Juliette Binoche and Akram Khan in their show In-i at the National Theatre in London. They perform frequently in the most famous milonga in Buenos Aires: La Viruta, Salon Canning, Practica X, Club Sunderland, La Baldosa, Villa Malcom, Practica 10, La Catedral, Milonga del Morán, Milonga del Florial, Orsay, Milonga de la Misteriosa, Milonga La Discepolo, Porteño y Bailarín, etc.

Bruno & Mariangleles have participated in a wide number of Internationals Festivals including: CITA, Misterio Tango Festival, Capri Tango Festival, Buenos Aires en Roma, Siracusa Tango Festival, Rosso Tango Festival, 4D Tango Festival Eindhoven, Tango Magia, La Vanguardia Tango Festival, Extravaganza Tango Festival, Fervor de Buenos Aires, Summer Mediterranean Tango Festival, Copenhaguen Tango Festival, Festival de Tarbes, Innsbruck Tango Festival, Prague Tango Alchemie, Ljubljana International Tango Festival, Istambul Tango Week, Baztango.

"For us, tango is a language with which to communicate and relate to each other. By mastering technique and structure for playfulness and pleasure, we can enjoy this amazing dance in a unique musical framework. In our dance we seek both the elegance and intimacy of traditional tango and the freedom of today's tango; we believe in the two coexisting. We dance, enjoy ourselves and play. This is what we would like to convey".Bruno & Mariangeles