Cristian Petitto is a charistmatic and passionate Argentine Tango teacher. 

Cristian's first serious encounter with tango was in 2005, when he was asked by a friend (who at the time was giving group tango lessons) to join a class; he fell totally in love with the music and the dance. and simply could not stop dancing. Christian started taking lessons with Carla Calcaterra and several other renowned teachers such as Julio Balmaceda, Pablo Veron, Gabriel Angio, Omar Quiroga & Veronica Palacios, Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes, and Fernando Sanchez & Ariadna Naveira and has developed an effective pedagogical approach combined with infectious enthusiasm, passion and attention to detail.

 Cristian has a solid background in pedagogy having started his teaching experience in the martial arts within ITF (International Taekwon-do federation) at the age of 14, teaching all levels from children to adults and then continuing his training at the INEF University (National Institute of Physical Education) in Buenos Aires, where he also refined his teaching technique by studying psychology, pedagogy and methodology of learning.

Cristian taught tango in the UK (London, Reading) together with Nayla Vacca from 2012 - 2015. He then returned to Buenos Aires to develop his tango further and went on to teach both in Buenos Aires and Asia before returning to London. He is currently based in Italy.

What students say about Cristian

Cristian is a brilliant teacher!

His classes are always challenging as the focus on correct technique and execution are not always easy to follow but his passion and ability to convey the how and what to do is always enticing.

If you follow his instructions you will be on your way to becoming a better tango dancer – his enthusiasm is infectious!

John Heather   - Reading Tango club


One of the most important aspects of teaching is preparation. It is clear that Cristian takes great care, and pride in preparing to teach, and does so with passion, but also with compassion understanding how hard it can be to learn.

Cristian teaches with passion, clarity and attention to detail, always creative in the use of figures to explain the fundamental principles for movement and musicality, founded on his own in depth understanding of Tango. He relishes the detailed input from his teaching partners, together explaining the differing roles of both leader and follower, to maximise expression; with fun and good humour and an obvious desire for everyone succeed and improve, somehow managing to give individual attention and advice even in group classes is testament to the effort put in.

It was a joy to dance when Cristian was DJ, and I will miss the opportunity to have his regular input, but I take away a set of ideas, most on video: enough for a lifetime of practica...

Abrazos,  Kevin

I went to one of Cristian’s group lessons on recommendation from a dancing friend and what was supposed to be a 4 week stint turned out to be a 6 months learning experience.

Cristian is a serious and creative teacher, he values the standard of his teaching and communicates it to his students in a professional and consistent manner. His deep knowledge of the dance and personal attention is extraordinary. He strives to make the experience exceptional in each and every one of his lessons.

His input and suggestions have helped us develop and enhance our dance.

Excellent all the way around from start to finish and I can’t express enough my esteem, admiration and gratitude.

I wish Cristian all the best of everything in his life and hope to meet again soon.

In bocca al lupo,  Wilma

Cristian is a wonderful dancer and superb teacher. He is sensitive to the learners' aspirations and abilities, guiding them to the desired goal - all with patience and a great sense of humour. Aniela

An interest to Argentinian Tango revived in the UK in the 1980's at which time I and my late 
husband started to go to classes and performances.   

 I have seen many teachers, and have found Cristian one of the very best and friendliest !
 He shows lovely sequences in a consistent and clear way and teaches all levels of ability in a kind and helpful manner. Attending his classes has been a great pleasure, thank you.

  We will miss Cristian and wish him a very good future

Affectionate greetingDorothea 

As a beginning tango dancer I have found Cristian to have the special gift on making something so hard seem so easy. He is brilliantly skillful in dancing and so inspiring that it makes me want to watch his videos over and over again and then practice at home until I can look a bit like he does. 

As a teacher he technical and precise and this enables us all to understand why we do something in the dance. He is also wonderfully supportive and we all work hard for that exclamation of delight when we get it right and acknowledges it.

I have had a very good tango journey with Cristian. I will be sad to lose him as my teacher. – Dr David Purves

We have known Cristián Petitto for several years during which we have enjoyed many great tango classes from him. Apart from a wonderful tango dancer he is an excellent teacher. He brings enthusiasm and enjoyment to the lessons and we have benefited enormously from his tango classes. He is a warm and exciting person to be with and we value his friendship very much. Cris y Doon

"Cristián Petitto is an extremely-inspiring teacher of tango, milonga and vals (not to forget chacarera).

He is very welcoming, warm, friendly, enthusiastic and positive, and gives full attention to all students at all levels, from absolute beginners to those who are advanced. He has certainly taken us a long way forward on our tango journey and he will be sorely missed in Reading.

 Mike and María Rosa Fulton