Facundo Menéndez was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he first began to be interested in different movement techniques, such as contact improvisation, and contemporary dance. He has been dedicated to Tango for ten years, starting out with teachers including Julio Balmaceda & Corina de la Rosa, Rodolfo Dinzel, Eduardo Pareja (Parejita) and Carlitos Perez; with whom he learnt the fine details of the dance, bringing his own soft, dynamic and musical style to it, with fluid movements incorporating the different techniques of Tango, like long elegant steps, quick rhythmic footwork. His teaching experience includes working with Gabriel Glagovsky during seminars and in the cultural collective “La Castorera” in Buenos Aires. He also works with Raquel Greenberg in workshops across the UK.  Facundo's teaching style puts emphasis on musicality and detail in the steps, which gives inspiration and connection to the dance and dancers. In 2013 he organized the Glasgow International Tango Festival which celebrates and develops Tango in Scotland and the rest of the UK. He is organising the Glasgow International Tango Festival 2015.