Jose Manrique & Nalalia Pombo

José Manrique and Natalia Pombo are outstanding professional Argentine dancers with a career spanning 15 years. Their dance is characterized by their great versatility and their ability to combine both traditional tango and  modern tango, fusing dances with sensitivity and personal interpretation.

José  and Natalia  have together developed a system of classes and teaching based on the needs of each student, working with a focus on both aesthetics and personal taste for the dance and in what is the most healthy and organic form for each body.

Joseph has a background in teaching, working across  different areas and with all ages. He has worked in primary schools, taught tango in Chile (1996-2000) & studied with Mora Godoy, among others.

Natalia graduated from secondary school  and went on to  teach ballet and Spanish dances assessed by Ricardo Rivas and Rina Valverde (teachers of the Teatro Colon). She took a degree in acting from the National Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (IUNA), after which she incorporated and specialized in tango. She taught at the School of Tango Argentina with its first and renowned master Raul Bravo.

Natalia Pombo y José Manrique @ Milonga Parakultral @ Salon Canning ~ 3 Mar 2014