Miriam Orcutt & Dante Culcuy


Miriam and Dante are young dancers, choreographers and teachers of Argentine Tango based in the UK.  Their main objective is to teach the authentic tango of Buenos Aires, giving each student not only the essence of this wonderful dance but also introducing a part of Argentine culture.


An Argentinean native, Dante started Argentine Tango in Jujuy, a province in the north of Argentina, where he also studied ballet with his teacher Fulvia Chagra de Gruber and Andrei Kozlov (ex principle dancer of the Kiev Opera).

He moved to England in 2008 and since then he has taught and performed in across the UK with his partner Miriam.

Miriam and Dante have been invited to teach and perform in countries around the world including Argentina, Bolivia, England, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Thailand, Canada, and Kenya.

Dante is now based in Oxford where he runs, the Oxford Tango Academy, and he also has a thriving tango academy in York.  He is also the organiser of the very successful Oxford Tango Festival, which is now in its fourth year and attracts dancers from across Europe.  With his deep understanding of tango philosophy and movement Dante has become renowned for his authentic and in depth teaching methods.


Miriam started dancing in Canada as a classical ballet dancer, in one of her visits to South America she met Dante and fell in love with Argentine Tango.

With Dante as her teacher, she started dancing in 2008 and then performing with him in South America.
Later Miriam and Dante consolidated as a tango couple and started to teach and perform in South & North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Apart from her dancing, she also followed her other passion, which is medicine, becoming a doctor in June 2013. Since then she has combined her passion to help humans through medicine and her passion to nurture the soul through Tango.  With her strong background in practical anatomy, both from studying medicine and teaching yoga, she has become known for her clear explanations of tango movements and technique.