Internationally renowned dancers and teachers, Pablo and Valeria are one of the most respected couples among the new generation of tango dancers. With infectious energy their charisma and sensuality stand out in both their teaching and their shows.

Pablo & Valeria have an unequalled artistic interpretation that they combine with technical precision and musical sense. This has led to invitations to perform and teach throughout South America, Europe, Canada, Asia and Oceania, as well as in the most famous milongas of Buenos Aires, including the iconic Confiteria Ideal where they teach regularly.

Pablo & Valeria have an deep interest in teaching methodology and have developed exceptional teaching skills with an emphasis on communicating ideas and concepts with clarity. They have created their own unique method of teaching tango based on more than 20 years of experience with the dance and work with the body. Their method is being used today by dancers and teachers around the world.

Pablo & Valeria teach the essence of social tango - elements that can be used on a busy dance floor, so don't be mislead by their wonderful performances where many of the moves are clearly for show, but also demonstrate their wonderful artistic talent as dancers,